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1. A brief background of Tom
“The accused”

1.  A brief background of Tom 
 “The accused”

The 34-year-old Thomas, better known as Tom to friends and family, was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA and currently lives there. Having been raised by blue collar parents, he had a normal childhood. He lived in a structured and disciplined family under the direction of his father, who served as detective for Dauphin County. His mother is a hairdresser who runs her shop from their home. The ability to behave in a respectful, responsible, and disciplined manner was always instilled in him.

Those characteristics remained with Tom throughout his life. As early as 14 years old, Tom started working summer jobs and part-time jobs while still in high school. He graduated from high school as an honor roll student and continued to work throughout his post-secondary education. Throughout his life, Tom has had a commitment to financial stability and knew that hard work combined with self-discipline would provide a solid foundation for college.

Tom earned an Associates degree in Automotive Technology from his local community college, Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). The skills of a mechanic are valuable, but Tom wasn't sure if that was what he wanted to do in life. Since he was always drawn to nature, he decided to transfer to Temple University to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture. As a result of his hard work in college, he graduated with a grade point average of 3.2 in 2015.

Upon graduation, Tom entered the workforce and worked for various landscape companies and firms. He then landed a position at his current company, Bailey Landscape & Maintenance, Inc as a landscape designer and estimator. In this role, he met with homeowners, contractors, hospital officials, and school grounds managers in order to plan and design their projects as well as provide estimates. Tom would also supervise the completion of the projects by managing multiple crews while accomplishing his own tasks on the job sites. The success he has achieved in life can be attributed to his commitment to hard work and education.

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